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Charlie is extremely comfortable and confident in front of audiences.
He has portrayed numerous characters in lead and lead
support roles with both the Port Angeles Community players and the
Olympic theater of the arts. His roles have included:

The real inspector hound: Moon: (Lead - theater critic)

Inherit the wind: E.K. Hornbeck: (Lead support
-Antagonistic/Sarcastic newspaper writer)

It Runs in the Family: Dr. Hubert Bonney: (Lead support -
His Animated antics and continuous confusion and
varied vocals add much to the frivolity of the play.)

The Hollow: Inspector Colquin: (Lead support - Scottish Detective
in charge of investigation of murder in a gothic castle)

Other supporting roles include: Enchanted April,
A Real Course Acting Show
, long term care amongst others.

(360) 460-4298